What Is Faith and the Real Reason for the Bible, According to Archangel Chamuel?

You are about to read about what Archangel Chamuel has to say about faith. He was communicating telepathically with my wife, who is an Avatara (male is Avatar); a modern prophet who receives and delivers messages from the Godhead, for the betterment of mankind.

Jill: What is Faith?

Chamuel: To experience connecting with The Creator, you must examine this moment closely. Just focus your attention on the ‘now’. Ask yourself, what is it that’s difference about this present moment from anything else you’ve ever experienced or will experience in the future?

Chamuel then went on to tell us that the angelic realm is well aware we may have an infinite number of answers, but your experience ‘now’ is something completely different. To be at one with spirit is a state of ‘knowing’, which you may prefer to call faith.

He than went on to tell us that most things you claim to be true or know, is actually just opinions you have formed and chosen to believe in. It’s important you learn to differentiate between your beliefs and your inner knowing.

It is human to question your beliefs; but tapping into your inner knowing is connecting with your heart and with The Creator, God.

Chamuel told us that we don’t need to dismiss our beliefs and opinions, for many of human kind’s opinions can contain moments of truth, beauty and validity.

Jill: What’s the real reason for the Bible?

Chamuel told us it was meant to help us learn mistakes of the past; to help save us from repeating the same mistakes, but unfortunately through mankind’s desire to be a god themselves, and wield power over others, they have taught human kind that the only way to heaven is to believe in death and the resurrection of Christ.

Chamuel stated that history is meant to save us from repeating the mistakes of our brothers and sisters. Yet the church, instead, has made us believe we should live to the Bible Code literally; and this is wrong.

When human kind creates differences which divide people, they create a devil. The devil is not some ‘one’ or ‘greater entity’. The Bible was channelled through chosen prophets, such as Jill, my wife, to guide and assist.

Chamuel stressed that the Bible has now become a devil, in so much as it causes mankind to take it too literally.

Human kind is too busy looking for God; The Creator; whichever suits you. People miss the ‘knowing’ that they are already ‘with’ God. It is not a question of faith. It is an inner awareness; an inner knowing. Just like the inner knowing of what’s truly right and truly wrong.

Chamuel told us that there wouldn’t be enough tears in the galaxies for the times they have tried to help those who blindly refuse to be open to receiving the God within.

You must ask yourself this question, “Why did the Bible only come about once mankind had learnt to read and write?” You don’t need a book, or a set of rules, to follow and connect with God, for you see, one way for one, may not be the same way for another. For we are all unique aspects of The Creator, God.

Chamuel then exclaimed that ‘they’ know there will be some people protest that, before the Bible, ‘everyone’ was evil. But this is wrong. You see the Bible is a record of a person’s moment. You can never know the truth, for you were not there. All you have is the person’s accountability.

Yes, parts are true, poignant and valid. Yet a lot in the Bible isn’t. To have faith in The Creator; God; is to know that you possess many unique beautiful qualities which The Creator, together with you, experience.

Chamuel then asked us to look at the greatness of human kind, when they put aside their differences and work together as one. He told us that when you work in an awareness of love and compassion, you are working through the Divine purpose.

Yes you are all different in looks, colour and beliefs; but together on the inside you are all one; and all together, the power of The Creator is complete.

Chamuel commented that they are sure people will need to ponder what has been brought to us. But this knowledge is given by them for the betterment of mankind, this blessed planet and its part in the universes.

He signed of with,

“Blessed be! Chamuel Elohim Gabor.”

Source by Glenn M. E. Harrison

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