True Success Can Be Duplicated

I have spent many years of my career in the sales industry (Real Estate and Insurance) and when you find people doing extremely well the tendency is to want to experience the same level of success. The good news is that desire is not only appropriate but reasonable. The bad news is when you want to follow in another person’s footsteps the path is not clearly outlined. This makes it very hard to obtain.

Think about things we love to duplicate; a recipe for example. KFC chicken does not taste like Popeyes or El Pollo Loco because the recipes used vary in their ingredients. It’s all chicken but the taste is different. Success is the same way. Many people experience success but the recipe they use is not the same.

The reason true success must be duplicated is if you are successful today but cannot repeat the process tomorrow then your success ends. No one wants that. Winners like winning and want to win over and over and over again. To do that you must have a way to duplicate yesterday’s success so you can repeat it over and over again. If not you will become known as a “one hit wonder” who actually experienced success by luck not skill.

There are many programs on the market that claim to offer a system for success. These systems are marketed by very smart guys who focus on the process and the steps. Many time their credibility can be summed up in “I was very successful in this process and I have developed this system to help you enjoy the same success.” The only problem is most people who develop systems designed to educate do not have an idea of how people learn differently and very few people have ever found success by reading a program filled with forms.

To duplicate success a system is needed. But the one to develop that system must not only be the one who has experienced success but the one who has analyzed the steps necessary to become a success, knows the mentality associated with obtaining that success and can lead others to follow the exact footsteps they took to get there. It is not possible to create the success of others when you leave out vital steps in the learning process. However when there is a real observation of the principles that cause any of us to become successful the steps are clearer and can be imitated by others.

Source by Jeffery Davis

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