To Live Right

The Word of God is there to guide and help us so that we can learn how to walk through life the right way. Sometimes one phrase can keep you busy for a while. Like a “God-honouring life” in verse 12: to take on a God-filled, God-honouring life. It kept me thinking for two days. I kept asking what it actually wanted to tell me about how I should live.

I actually got a fright when I looked around on Google to see what it meant. A God-honouring life is to be sincere, and sincerity, I find, means to be honest, real, genuine, filled with truth, warm, from your deepest heart, serious, passionate, without pretence, in good faith, etc.

Wow, one phrase says a lot of things and I read it again and again. Maybe you should too.

But as I look deeper to understand it better, I see that it can also include “justice”. A God-honouring life can then mean that we should live with wisdom and justice.

I turn to Google again, and, as expected, there’s a whole series of words to describe justice: being good, virtuous, upright, sincere, decent, dignified, ethical, principled, just, honest, innocent, irreproachable, honourable, against corruption, holy, pure, noble, devout, godly, etc.

Wow! Again, I sit and read these words over and over again.

I don’t know about you, but with many of these words I can’t tick the box. Some of them don’t describe my actions a hundred percent. And I kind of feel bad about that. I do try hard, but sometimes I simply lose it and sincerity and justice slip out by the backdoor.

This makes me feel discouraged and I realise if I let go of the steering wheel right now, I’m going to let myself fall into a deep black hole.

I’m reminded of a baby that wants to start walking. It takes many times of falling down and getting up again before the baby gets it right. If the baby should give up because of falling down so often, it will never learn to walk. And miss out on a lot.

We shouldn’t give up either. We shouldn’t get discouraged. We shouldn’t be blinded by all the falling down, because that will make you feel discouraged so that you do end up in that black hole.

Rather focus on the repeated getting up. The times we did succeed in being sincere and just. The next time we fall, that will help us get up quicker, because we will know we can.

All of us are still marked by the fall. We must realise that we will slip up now and then. But we shouldn’t use that as an excuse, but rather as encouragement to really try and resist the weakness.

Let’s try and live with sincerity and justice. And if you take a good look at these two words, you will see both are aspects of living right. To live a god-honouring life means that we should try our best to live right in everything.


Titus 2:11-14


Where do you lack sincerity in your life?

Where is justice lacking in your life?

What must you do differently?


Lord, please help me to stop trying and control situations and people as it suits me. Please help me to be honest and just, even if it means that I have to acknowledge my weaknesses or to deal with a difficult situation that develops. It is so difficult, Lord, but that honours You, and I know that You will help me deal with the consequences. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Source by Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe

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