Most Powerful and Strongest Country in the World 2020

Are you looking for the top Strongest Countries in the world? We prepared the list for you on the basis of their Army, Technology, Health, economy, and the cooperation of peoples towards their country. In the end, you will get your answer (which is the most powerful and strongest country in the world).

These are the most dominating countries in the world and will be in the future.

Let’s talk about the most Powerful and Strongest country in the world.

List of most powerful and strongest countries in the world in 2020 is the following:-

10. South Korea

South Korea is ranked number 10 on the list. In 2019, Canada was in the 10th position but in 2020 South Korea beat Canada in Technology and Progress. South Korea is ranking on 3rd position in the best technology in the world.

South Korea has an army of 299,000 soldiers. In 2018, South Korea was ranked in 8th position in the best army of the world. And we are listing on the basis of progress, army, technology, health, education.

Maybe in the future, UAE will beat South Korea in technology and progress. UAE is the most emerging country at this time in progress and technology.

9. Saudi Arabia

We are ranking Saudi Arabia at number 9 just because of his army. You know Saudi Arabia is ranking on the third position which countries spending a huge amount on their defense budget. They are far behind in technology.

Peoples of Saudi Arabia are very rich. Saudi Arabia is a very peaceful and Holy place. Saudi Arabia is the place of the Greatest man (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) on Earth. You can check here the most influential person in history.

Do you know, 2 million peoples from different countries visit Makkah every year and perform Hajj?

8. Israel

Isreal is dominating in the power and technology day by day. Israel has the most powerful military and Intelligence Agency. World’s best technology and military Isreal has.

Israel is a very small country but it has the best economy. Israel is playing an important role in International Affairs. Peoples of Isreal is very intelligent and hardworking.

Israel is the most secured country in the world.

7. France

France is the country of scents. It has nuclear power and it’s also the most powerful country because of his army, technology.

Almost every person is educated in France. Eiffel Tower is a wonder in Japan. Mostly tourist comes japan for exploring and for watching Eiffel Tower.

6. Japan

Nobody can beat japan in technology. Japan is the most stable country. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed in 1945 but they now build up with new and latest technology. So it is also one of the strongest country in the world

Japan also has the world’s top of the line Army, but It is most superior in technology. None of the countries can beat Japan in Technology, even the United States.

5. Germany

It is also the strongest country in the world because Germany has the best army as well as the best schools and universities. Education is almost free here that’s why for education, most of the foreign students come here.

4. United Kingdom

England is the strongest country in the world. It has the world’s best army because It has nuclear power. England is a very neat and clean country. It has 60% of christen. Indeed England is very small but it is the most powerful and strongest.

The British army is the best army they have 74,000 soldiers. This number is not very big but we categorize on the basis of technology, education, military.

3. Russia

It has the best army which has active soldiers of 900,000. Russia is also a nuclear country and it has the world’s best weapons for war. Every country will think 10 times before attacking on Russia.

Russia is only famous because of his army, it is not a highly developed country like USA, UK, Israel. Russia is far behind in Technology and other ranking factors except for the Military.

2. USA

America is the superpower. None of the countries can beat America in anything whether it is technology, army, education, health, etc.

World’s richest persons are living in the USA. The USA is a developed country. We are using every technology of the USA like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

So, America is the most powerful and strongest country in the world.

1. China

strongest country in the world

China is ranking at the top in 2020. It has the world’s best army and everything. If we talk about technology, it is far behind from the USA but in the future, China will beat the USA in the field of Technology.

The most important thing is about China is their hardworking peoples. No country can compete in hardworking. Peoples of china are very hardworking. China has the best and huge army and China is also a nuclear power.

China has the best army, as well as they have the best weapons for war. No one can beat China right now.

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