Real Magic Spells – It Can Even Alter the Reality

They say destiny is unalterable but then there is something that can bring you the best of your heart’s desire. No, it is not sheer will power but the supernatural power of real magic spells created by experts. They say that the right spell cast in the right manner and for the right purpose can even alter the destiny. Though will be disappointed if you try to find out any scientific basis of the practices practiced in spell but then perhaps faith is the name given to things that do not need any scientific proof to be believed.

Magic love spells are known to make the intended person spell bound. All you need to perform the spell is one ounce of dried rose petals, ¼ ounce sweet bugle, ½ ounce cinnamon, ¼ ounce anise seed, ¼ ounce frankincense, and one ounce powdered sandalwood and ¼ teaspoon saltpeter.

You need to prepare the set up in the following fashion in which you need to place a red candle on your alter and place a red heart on the right of the candle. A lodestone or a magnet should be placed at the front of the candle. The incense burner may be placed at the left side of the burner. After you light the incense sticks start chanting the words mentioned below in a cool rhythm.

Bring to me my sweet love, my heart and hope and dove, bring to me someone special, someone ( name the three traits you would like to have the person to have), I long to love and hold you dear, to whisper things of love in your ear, I wish to hold and have a love, to cherish until life above.

Take care that you say the right words because any alteration would not bring the desired effect.

Magic spells are of many forms and are practiced for diverse reasons, like the one mentioned below is believed to protect the practitioner from any kind of harm. One needs to think that the presence of Archangel, Michael is all around and mention them categorically like “Michael to the right of me”, “Michael to the left of me”, “Michael above me” and “Michael below me” and finally you need to feel the presence of Michael within yourself and mention it accordingly. This will give rise to a sense of security and it is believed to drive away any kind of misfortune that is to strike the person.

Source by Gardner Wilkinson

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