Real Facts, Fake Facts, Lies, Misstatements, Exaggerations?

Most people, regardless of their political beliefs, and/ or affiliations, agree, we are currently witnessing, the most polarization, in recent memory! Supporters of the President, especially his core supporters and followers, often, proclaim, anything which disagrees with, or, even, questions Mr. Trump, is fake news. They follow the leadership of the man, who constantly calls the mainstream media, fake, false, and, even, the enemy of the people. There have been many reports, that Trump spends a disproportionate amount of his day, watching news reports, from, the media, which he aligns with. He has stated, he doubted his hand – picked, intelligence leaders, and, has, often, aligned his statements, closer to Putin’s, than with these individuals. Because of how widely, this President, fails to appear to tell the truth, many media organizations, have started to fact – check, nearly, everything, he says. Although Trump, and his strongest followers, proclaim, the President tells the truth, and others, lie, the real facts, appear to disagree with Trump’s version. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the differences, and some examples, of real facts, fake facts, fake news, lies, misstatements, and exaggerations.

1. Exaggerations: It is common, for politicians, to exaggerate, and slant the so – called, facts, to meet their narrative! Although, we would benefit, if elected officials, maintained more integrity and ethics, there is a big difference between this behavior, and outright, lying!

2. Misstatements: Humans are not perfect, and, thus, from time, to time, even, well – intentioned individuals, misstate the facts. Sometimes, it is carelessness, while at others, it’s an attempt to favorably spin, the facts, to advance their personal/ public agenda, and/ or, self – interest.

3. Lies: When misstatements, become the norm, the result is lying! When a public official, doubles – down, on those lies, and attacks anyone who exposes him, it creates an adversarial, polarizing, atmosphere, which hurts our nation!

4. Fake Facts/ Fake News: President Trump, often, refers to the media, as Fake News, while, it, points to, his misstatements, and lies, as Fake Facts. Independent political fact – checkers, have claimed, this President, tells over 6 lies, per day. Simply because you don’t agree, doesn’t make something, fake!

5. Real facts: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but, not, his own set of facts! Reality isn’t always, something, you agree with, but, the best approach, is identifying, strengths, weaknesses, needs, perceptions, goals, and priorities, and proceeding with an open – mind, and a positive, can – do, attitude, towards a viable, sustainable, relevant, solution!

Isn’t it about time, we elected people, based on qualifications, priorities, experience, expertise, and character, rather than, on popularity, or empty promises, and rhetoric? Wake up, America, before we lose, the basic freedoms, liberties, and justices, for all!

Source by Richard Brody

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