Priests and Background Checks

Does it sound appropriate? For some, having a priest subjected to background check is like questioning his own faith to the church. But with the number of cases and scandals involving the church that made it to the headlines of both print and live news, conducting a background check is just right and proper.

Perhaps the priest’s vow of celibacy is the main aspect of the priest persona that exempts them from sexual allegations and accusations with the guarantee of the vow abstaining themselves from sexual relations and marriage promises. However, there are existing police records making this vow frail to become a valid and acceptable excuse.

Many priests have been arrested and been jailed with different levels of crimes committed. From minor cases such as molestation or embezzlement up to major crimes like rape and even murder, there are actual cases that the criminal is a priest. With this, a background check is really a must, even for aspiring priests.

It must be a part and partial requirement for an aspiring priest to undertake in order for him to take his vows for priesthood. Even if aspiring priest are thought and undergoes a test to determine the strength of his desire to become a priest, it is not foolproof process to really prepare a person to become a devoted and god-fearing priest.

Despite the odds involving priest crimes that staggered their reputation, a background check must also be necessarily done aside from the vow and the education required. A seminary school or even the Vatican should emphasize background check to be a partial and important requirement for anyone who aspires to take the vows of priesthood. By submitting theirs selves for a background check and resulted to a good and impressing background, it will add up to their credibility of being a trustworthy servant of God.

Source by Andrew W. Vanderbilt

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