Number 1 Hit Songs of the 80s

The Best Songs Of The 80’s are the number 1 hit songs that are part of the Top 40 count down, that’s not to say that only the number 1 hits were the Best Songs. The 80’s produced a lot of great music and Pop Culture. The Artist of The 80’s included Super Stars like Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, as well as Super Bands like Duran Duran, Motley Crue and The Police. We had the beginning of Rap Music with artist like The SugarHill Gang and GrandMaster Flash; we also had Glam Rock or Hair Metal Bands with such bands as Quite Riot, Twisted Sister and Poison.

The 80’s was very diverse when it came to music and Pop Culture the Baby Boomers were up and coming we had Ronald Regan in the White House and Princess Diana in the Palace. We also met the Super Rich such as Donald Trump, Leona Helmsley and Ivan Boesky. The computer came to be a popular and useful home item, E.T. phoned home and The U.S. Constitution had its 200th Birthday. As you can see the 80’s was loaded is music and diverse culture.

The Top 40 hit or number 1 hit of the 80’s included Mega Stars and some One Hit Wonder. The number one songs are usually top selling popular songs heard all over the US and abroad. The songs that are rotated or played often on the popular radio stations on a daily basis are considered the Top 40. The Top 40 list of songs rotates constantly and some songs move up while other drop and eventually are removed altogether. The Big Super Hits are the one that remain in the top stop for weeks at a time, as example of that would be Olivia Newton-John’s Physical spent 10 weeks at number 1 in Billboards chart. The number 1 spot does not assure the Artist more revenue or popularity it some times the most requested song on the radio not the most sold. With the coming of satellite radio like Sirius Radio and XM Radio there are dedicated stations for number 1 hits, One Hit Wonders and 80’s music making very easy to access the music you want to hear when you want to hear it.

XM Radio has The 80’s, channel and Sirius has Big 80’s channel, along with a long list of specialty channels to include news, sports, entertainment and all genres of music. Satellite Radio is paid for radio in the same way that you pay for your cable TV with premium channels. If you are a into music and entertainment this is a great option, you hear it your, you take into your home and even to the beach with Boom Box options. There transmitter come in all sorts of options and you can music on demand 24/7.

Finally, the Best Songs of the 80’s are the song you enjoy and take back to place or a situation were you experienced something, good or bad, that’s your call. Music has way of transporting us and moving us, it heals and brings happiness.

Source by Lourdes Amil

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