No Self Defense Classes Needed: One Technique to Stop an Attacker in His Tracks

As we all know, the world seems to get more and more violent every single day. Just turn on any news channel. Look at Facebook, Twitter… sadly you just can’t get away from it. And just for the record, it’s not guns, and it’s not knives that are the problem. It is people. It’s 100%, hands down, violent people causing all of the trouble. Heck, just look at a prison, weapons of all sorts are banned there, but why is it that prisons are still so violent? Because of the people. Wouldn’t you agree?

At any rate the bigger question is, what will you do to protect yourself and your family from would-be attackers? Do you have a plan?

What would you do if someone were to break into your home at night? What would you do if someone were to approach you in the grocery store parking lot one night and try to intimidate you. Do you have a plan for any of these types of situations? If not, you should. It could mean life or death for you or someone you love… and I don’t say that to scare you. It’s just the fact of the matter. The world is dangerous, and you better be prepared.

One Simple Yet Brutal Self Defense Technique That Could Save You

There are some very simple yet brutal self-defense methods that you can either learn in a self-defense class or simply learn online. These are techniques that don’t take a lot of training and techniques that anyone can do. In this article I want to talk about one of these techniques.

The one that is my favorite of all is attacking the eyes. Now I know that MMA matches and self-defense are totally different, but have you ever watched an MMA fight? Have you ever noticed how if someone gets kicked between the legs they are given a few minutes to recover and then they are okay to return to the fight virtually unscathed? Well, it’s not at all the same for the eyes. Getting struck in the eyes as we all know is very painful. It can literally shut you down and bring you down to your knees. It can end professional fights. Also, it’s great for self-defense because it makes your attacker unable to see. So if you take out his eyes, you can either deal out a couple more blows to his face or… between the legs, or you can run to a safe place and call the police. I always suggest finding a safe place and calling for help.

So anyway, if you ever feel like you are in a threatening situation, keep your distance. As the would-be attacker closes in on you, disarm them by putting your open palms in front of you and gently saying, “Please… ” As the attacker is distracted by your speech, lunge outward and literally claw his eyes with one hand on top of the other. In other words, take your outstretched fingers, hand on top of hand, and go directly into your attacker’s eyes. See how that works.

Source by Elvis Jackson Jr.

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