8 YouTube Channel Ideas | How to make money on YouTube | Get more views on YouTube videos

If you have created a YouTube channel and don’t know what to post there and which type of videos you should upload there to make money on YouTube, Don’t worry we will guide you about the best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2020 to Make Money on YouTube.

And If you have uploaded a lot of videos and don’t get views on them, Don’t Worry We will tell you why are you not getting views on YouTube. And We will give you tips to get more views on YouTube videos in 2020.

As you know the day by day competition is increasing on YouTube, Every type of, every kind of videos is already uploaded on YouTube. And people mostly click on the top 3 videos.

In this article, We will cover topics about YouTube Video Ideas, YouTube Channel Ideas, and Tips to get more views on YouTube Videos in 2020.

Top Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Make Money on YouTube

We will talk about the best type of channels to get more views on YouTube in 2020. Remember don’t upload the video on Youtube which is already uploaded. Following are the best YouTube Channel Ideas

Gaming Channel:

The gaming channel is the most emerging category of YouTube. If you can’t speak in front of the camera and you haven’t enough knowledge to share with the peoples. The gaming channel is the best choice for you to make money on youtube without any Skills and talent.

It will take some time to grow but when your channel runs successfully you don’t need to do anything more. Gaming Channel is the best idea and choice for you to make money on YouTube.

Many of the sports and Computer gadgets companies will contact you to promote their products that will be another way for you to make cash from youtube.

We will highly recommend you to make a gaming channel on Youtube in 2020.

Entertainment Channel:

Entertainment is something that everyone sees and likes. There are no age and gender constraints. Every age of the children, Boys, Girls, Mens, Womens, likes entertainment and they watch.

Everyone wants new and unique, so you should be very creative and think about that, how you can make laugh the peoples. Every type of entertainment channels is running successfully.

If you want to make money from YouTube, the Entertainment channel is the best choice for you.

Food Channel:

We will highly recommend women to make a YouTube channel. You can use your own mobile camera to record videos. When you are trying to make something new at home just bring out your cell phone and record the complete recipe in high-resolution FHD and upload it on YouTube.

That’s it, There are a lot of women basically from India and Pakistan, who are running their kitchen and recipe channel successfully. If they can do that why you can’t.

So, never waste your time, Make a channel today and start earning.

Vlogs Channel:

Vlogs are basically some activities in your daily life that you record from your cell phone and upload it on youtube.

This is very difficult for you to run this type of channel, If you have some adventure in your life or if you are a traveler you should make this channel otherwise, we are not recommending this channel to everyone.

So the question is why it’s difficult to run this type of channel? Because You are not a celebrity why peoples are not interested in watching your life.

But if you are a traveler and you had to do many interesting things in your daily life this channels suits your personality.

Pranks Channel:

Pranks are the best comedy channels on YouTube. Everyone watch pranks with interest. If you are a funny person, you should create this channel. Here’s a chance for you to become famous.

Peoples love pranks and there are a lot of topics for you to doing prank with peoples. You can repeat pranks again and again with different parts.

There are some famous topics on pranks, one of them is “Gold Digger Prank”. This prank is worldwide famous. A lot of pranksters from different countries have performed this prank.

You can also do scripted pranks but make sure the reaction should be real. Then you will get more views on your pranks.

Interview Channel:

This is a very rare type of channel and there is more chance to become successful if you become and Interviewer. Just take an interview from famous YouTubers and Tiktokers and other social media stars and upload the video on your channel.

Peoples are interested in watching interviews of their favorite YouTubers and celebrities. But this is up to you how you can approach YouTubers to take their interview.

Products Unboxing Channel:

You can make a channel for gadgets unboxing like Mobiles and other products. When someone is interested in buying some new phone, he watches the reviews and unboxing first, and what other people give reviews about these products.

If somebody in your family purchases a new cell phone, you can ask him to make a review and upload that review and unboxing youtube.

Education and Tutorials Channel:

If you have some knowledge about a particular topic or field and you can make a video on that. Then you must upload videos on this topic. If you are a graduate and don’t get any job you should make YouTube your job. One of the most important things is patience you should keep patience for views.

There are a lot of YouTubers who are making millions per month by uploading the tutorials you should start this.

So, These are the best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2020 to grow faster.

how to get views on youtube videos tips

Tips to get Views on YouTube in 2020

Here are some tips which you should implement while making YouTube video to get views on YouTube.


The most important thing to get more views on YouTube is your content. It should be unique. You don’t need to copy others, make your own unique content if you want to get views on Youtube.

Keyword Research

You should do keyword research before making a video on YouTube. Try to search a keyword and check your competitors there.

Add the exact keyword in your title, description, and tags to rank on YouTube.


Thumbnail is a very important factor to catch your audience’s attention. Make an attractive thumbnail to force people to click on your video.


Try to keep high quality for your video, Remember quality is more important than quantity. Use a good cell phone camera or DSLR to record video and do good editing to stick people on your video.


Consistency is more important to get views, Many people dishearten and leave their channel that’s not good it’s not possible if you make your channel today and the next day you start making money on YouTube. Keep consistency and upload a video daily it takes 3 to 5 months to grow your channel.

By doing all these things you can get views on YouTube channel and Make Money on YouTube.

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