It’s Not Good Enough To Say, I’m A Christian ( You Need To Live Like It )

Open your Bible to 1 John 2:6… it says… whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

Where is your focus today? You see, the primary way the Lord will show you what you need to know is through the scriptures. You need the power of God that helps you change. You need to go to a higher level of thinking, believing and receiving. Today, I’m teaching you, that the kingdom of God must take first priority in your life.

It’s not good enough to say, I’m a Christian, you need to live like it! You need to be dedicated and totally sold out to God! Hallelujah! You have to always enjoy the sweetness of His presence and serve the Lord Jesus with gladness. You have to stop thinking like the world and become Word minded and never go back to that way of life again.

You see, when you committed your life to Christ, He moved into the center of your heart, but you grow to know Him there through fellowship. You take time to tell God how much you love Him! Being a Christian is having a living, intimate relationship with the Father God. Living like a Christian is not a part of life. It is your life!

It’s about being God conscious and Jesus gets brighter and brighter through you, and around you every day. Praise the Lord! You know His ways are higher and better than your ways! You have a new spirit in Christ Jesus and the Gospel is the good news of God’s plan for your life. I know you’ve heard this before, but you haven’t heard it enough!

Yes! You must establish your heart on the Word of God, and you never give up after setbacks. Working by faith, not giving up at the first or second or even the third obstacle against you. How do you do that? It’s your Christian life dedicated to being a willing and constant learner from the Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

You walk the same way that Jesus walked. Jesus has the power, you just need to stay hooked up to the power. Many good things are ahead of you, so keep following Jesus. It begins with believing, accepting, and living your life on the truth of His Word. The Light of the Gospel of Truth.

When you make the choice to live like a Christian, the Holy Spirit will direct and guide you. God cannot get in agreement with you, because you are not in agreement with Him. You cannot live as a Christian by yourself. You need the Holy Spirit helping you. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God work together to give you a vision, an expectation of how God wants you to live.

Start talking it. Start thinking it. Start living it. It’s all determined by the Word of God that’s on the inside of you. If you want to have an effective Christian life, develop a good personal relationship with Jesus.

Source by Darrick Bussell

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