How A Real Leader Gets The Best Things Achieved?: 6 Keys

Have you become, sick – and – tired, of the same – old, same – old, pseudo – leadership, when what’s truly needed, is someone, who plans ahead, and emphasizes, achieving the finest results? Whether, this is leading a for – profit corporation, or not – for – profit organization, or holding an elected office, etc, the basic concepts and principles, are similar! Constituents must consistently demand, better, and more relevant leaders/ leadership, which emphasizes the common good, rather than the office – holder’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 essential keys.

1. Evaluate what is, realistically: Before one can make any difference, for the better, he must, realistically, be able to, and commit to, evaluating what presently in, paying attention to both, the positives, as well as the negatives/ challenges/ obstacles! One must know, what needs, an overhaul, as opposed to, a little tweaking! When one know what – is, he is able to proceed forward, in an attempt to ensure, he leaves his organization, better, and stronger, in terms of, what – should – be! This is true, regardless of what someone is leading!

2. Determine the true priorities!: The true priorities, must be, for the greater good, rather than, merely, a so – called leader’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! How can anyone, be considered, a true leader, unless/ until, he puts the common good, of constituents, ahead of his own?

3. What changes are needed/ tweaks? Unless/ until, a difference, is a positive one, how can it, create, change – for – the – better? For example, President Trump, often, articulates his message, Make America Great Again, without effectively planning, to achieve the best results!

4. Strategic planning: Don’t confuse strategic planning, with, griping, blaming, and complaining! Every type of organization, needs to look ahead, towards the finest, most relevant, sustainable solution/ actions, based, not merely on any populist rhetoric, etc (such as this President), but, rather, on considering a group’s/ society’s needs, strengths and weaknesses, and having a strategy/ plan to transform obstacles, to challenges, which one’s plan, will overcome!

5. Action plan: The strategy only makes a quality difference, if/ when, it leads to, a well – considered, effective action plan! If this is not the case, it is little more than a dream, or empty rhetoric!

6. Timeline/ Get it done!: It’s important, as part of one’s action plan, to proceed, with a meaningful, essential timeline, as well, as a Chart of Responsible, so the experts, are a significant part of the overall process! Don’t allow empty rhetoric, and/ or populist promises, because unless/ until, they get it done, that’s all it truly is!

Whether, one is concerned about the ineffectiveness of a group, organization, or the government’s leaders, these 6 keys, are essential to consider! Don’t just complain and blame, but, focus on creating the best leadership!

Source by Richard Brody

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