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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a severe pandemic disease which is caused due to the extreme respiratory disorder coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).this virus was first identified in the Wuhan (capital of China) in December 2019.

And on 11 March 2020 coronavirus disease recognized as a pandemic disease by world health organization. It is more readily transmitted from people to people.

This infection is basically spread between the people in the same way to flu through the smallest drops which come out during coughing and sneezing.

Usually, the symptoms appear after five days of infection but sometime may range from 2 to 14 days.

Its common symptoms are difficulty in breath, coughing, fever. And in some cases, it causes pneumonia and respiratory failure. And then death occurs.

Now the coronavirus death rate increased globally. The most affected regions due to the coronavirus are China, Europe, Iran, the United States, and South Korea.

As on 19 March, Coronavirus death rate in different countries are listed below:

Coronavirus in China

coronavirus in china

The first case of coronavirus is reported in Wuhan Hubei, China on 1st December 2019. Then doctor Zhang Jixian firstly observed this group of unknown pneumonia and informed about this disease on 27 of December. That’s how the coronavirus began to spread all over China.

Thus, on January 20, 140 new cases emerged in china in a day. Two of them from Beijing and one in Shenzhen. On 30 January WHO announced it as PHE (public health emergency) of international safety. The Coronavirus death rate in China is described below.

As of 19 March, a total of 80,894 cases reported in which +13 case is new. A total of 3,237 deaths occur in which +11 are new deaths due to coronavirus. The number of patients recovers is 69,614. And still, 8,043 patient has this disease. Of which 2,622 patients are in critical condition.

But since the beginning of March, the coronavirus cases has declined in china due to the rapid action and measures to control virus by china government.

Coronavirus in Italy

coronavirus in italy

In Italy, the coronavirus is becoming more severe. On January 31, the coronavirus was confirmed in Italy .in Italy, the virus come from China itself. The government of Italy suspended all flights from Italy. And announced the emergency situation in all over the world.

On March 4, the Italian government ordered that all the schools, colleges and universities be closed throughout the country due to the 100 deaths. On 9 march all the matches including football, have been suspended for at least one month.
The coronavirus death rate in Italy increasing day by day

As of 19 March 31,506 coronavirus cases have been reported in Italy so far. Of which 2503 people have died. And 2,941 people have recovered. But the situation of 2,060 people is very critical.

Coronavirus in Iran

coronavirus in iran

The first case of SARS-CoV-2 in Iran has been reported on 19 February 2020. The next day, two people died of coronavirus. Due to which all the entertainment places have been closed all over the country. All schools, colleges, and universities were also closed. After China, most of the virus is spreading in Iran.

As of 19 March, 16,169 cases of the corona are reported in Iran. 988 people have died. 5,389 people have recovered. But 9,792 people still suffer from the disease.

According to the Mizan News agency released of 70,000 prisoners have been announced by Iran.

Coronavirus in South Korea

coronavirus in south korea

The first case of coronavirus in South Korea came out on January 20. But on February 20, the cases of coronavirus increase significantly. On February 22, 1200 symptoms are reported in 9000 church followers.

So for in South Korea 8413 coronavirus cases have been reported. Of which 84 people died. While 1540 people have recovered. But 6789 people still suffer from the disease. Of those 59 are in critical condition.

Coronavirus in Spain

coronavirus in spain

The first case of the coronavirus reported in Spain on February 01, 2020. Spain is the second biggest European country affected by a coronavirus. The death toll from the coronavirus in Spain is increasing rapidly.

As of 19 March 2020, the number of cases reported due to coronavirus is 11,826. And 533 people have died due to this. While 1,028 people have recovered. Of which 563 people are in critical condition.

People have been working at home because of the spread of the virus. All the schools and colleges are also closed in Spain.

Coronavirus in US (United States)

coronavirus in us

Let’s talk about coronavirus in us (United States) which is spreading rapidly. The first case of coronavirus is reported on 21 January 2020. But in the second decade of February, that number increased significantly.

As of March 19, 2020 total of 6,524 has been reported peoples are affected by a coronavirus in the US. Of those 116 people died. And 106 people have recovered. While 6,302 people still suffer from the disease. And 12 people are in critical condition

Coronavirus in Germany

coronavirus in germany

In Germany cases of coronavirus are also rapidly increasing. The first case of coronavirus is reported on January 27, 2020, in Bavaria. And then on 09 March 2020, the first deaths are reported. 78 years old man and 89-year-old woman died due to the severe coronavirus.

Now people have been severely banned from being crowded. All schools and colleges are closed. It was declared necessary to apply a mask on the mouth.

As of March 19, the number of cases reported is 11,302. The death toll has risen to 27. And 86 people recovered from this. While 11,189 people still suffer from this disease.

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